Gource video since 2012 for some of my personal iOS Projects

Some of my personal projects for iOS running gource on mac.

brew update
brew install ffmpeg
brew install gource 


Multiple projects on same video.
./gource.sh /soccervirtualcup2 /minispacefighters /formula-nova-race /feargarden /sk8-guide-ios

gource.sh file :

# Generates gource video (h.264) out of multiple repositories.
for repo in $*; do
# 1. Generate a Gource custom log files for each repo. This can be facilitated by the --output-custom-log FILE option of Gource as of 0.29:
logfile="$(mktemp /tmp/gource.XXXXXX)" gource --output-custom-log "${logfile}" ${repo} # 2. If you want each repo to appear on a separate branch instead of merged onto each other (which might also look interesting), you can use a 'sed' regular expression to add an extra parent directory to the path of the files in each project:
gsed -i -E "s#(.+)\|#\1|/${repo}#" ${logfile}
let i=$i+1
combined_log="$(mktemp /tmp/gource.XXXXXX)"
cat ${logs[@]} | sort -n > $combined_log
rm ${logs[@]}
echo "Committers:"
cat $combined_log | awk -F\| {'print  $2'} | sort | uniq
echo "======================"
time gource $combined_log \
-s 0.1 \
-i 0 \
--highlight-users \
--hide dirnames,filenames,mouse \
--key \
--stop-at-end \
--auto-skip-seconds 1 -480x320 \ -o - | ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -pix_fmt yuv420p -crf 1 -threads 0 -bf 0 $outfile
rm $combined_log

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