Hello world! Finally!

Hi, this is my first post, has been 2 years since my last portfolio update, so by the praticity of updating and eding a blog, I decided to post here  some of my jobs, expirements and personal projects.

Here goes a short background.

I had the o opportunity to start on the web from its beginning, started developing on 1986 drawing and animating circles and squares on MSX BASIC, on 1995/96 I got my first Machintosh Performa 6300 and on 1996 I did my first website, 1997 started professional web developent for TV1 and Invision, doing first Dupont Latin America website. On 2002 I moved to San Diego California, where I start working on Spicore, USRelay and Dotworkz developing flash applications for IP CAMs, on 2005 back to Brazil, developed my first software, WiseOptimizer, a software for SEO. Also on 2005 I started on Flash Media Server development for live streaming video aplications, developing virtual conference rooms and chats and multiplayer games .

Since 2008, I have been working on a  brazilian company Midiadesigners.com.br as Flash senior developer, during these years I have worked on different sector, from web production, creative designer to  developer, now I been focusing on flash applications like games, orkut applications, mobile (iphone and android),  interactivity, physics(box2d) and also 3D(blender/papervision).

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